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Car Accident in Texas: Should I Move My Car?

Car accidents can leave you puzzled since many people may have a hard time understanding the situation. The trauma and the sense of fear result in many thoughts coming into your mind. You might want to drive home after an accident.

That is not the best pursuit you should follow after a car accident in Texas. You must be careful about the steps you take after a car accident, as one wrong step can land you in a world of trouble. To make things easy for you, we will let you know the steps you need to take after a car accident.

Moving A Car After A Car Accident in Texas; Is It Allowed?

After an accident, you might feel a bit dizzy and have the urge to go home. However, that is not the best course of action as leaving the accident scene can land you fines, jail time, and different charges. The optimal approach should be to stop the car and park it in a place where it is not a risk for anyone.

Additionally, you can turn on the reflectors and flashers to caution the oncoming traffic about the accident, even if it is a fender bender. Any wrong step can lead to serious legal precautions, which you will have to face.

Steps to Take After an Accident:

The early estimates from the NHTSA show high numbers of fatalities due to traffic accidents. An accident can leave a traumatizing impact on you. Nevertheless, it is vital to keep your nerves calm and take the following steps to ensure your and everyone else’s safety.

Call Paramedics:

The first thing you need to do is call the emergency services to assist the injured people. Ensure that you get the car on the side of the road and then contact 9-1-1 to provide medical care for the people in need. Also, avoid giving any first aid if you are not proficient in it.

You should only look after the people sustaining injuries if you are unsure what to do to provide them relief. Notably, it is best that you not deal with the sensitive areas of any victims, such as the neck, back, or head.

Give and Take the Necessary Information:

Once all the people receive the medical attention they need, you should take and give all the relevant information, such as:



Contact details

License plate number

If the car has hit an unattended property, it is necessary to contact the owner. In case you are unable to reach the owner, you must put your contact details in a place where it is easily noticeable.

Get In Touch With the Police and File a Report:

It is better to contact the law enforcement agencies to control the situation and investigate the accident. They can help provide medical services to the victims and collect relevant information from the people. Moreover, you must file a report with the appropriate department.

The accident report is a mandatory process that you have to follow if the accident leads to a person’s death, personal injury, or damages to the property. Failure to file a report with the relevant department can open you to charges and different fines under state law.

Know about your Insurance Coverage:

An additional thing that you need to do is contact your insurance providers to learn more about your coverage. You need to contact your car insurance company since many companies require you to inform them after a car accident in Texas.

However, that is something not mandatory by many states. It is a crucial step to recover the damages to your vehicles. Moreover, you can find out more information regarding the medical coverage for your injuries.

Hire a Lawyer:

Lastly, it is best to have a reliable lawyer by your side to deal with all the legal aspects for you. You can take complete rest and recover from your injuries while the attorney can organize the paperwork and work on the claim. It will reduce the stress on you and help you file a claim for your injuries in no time.

Need an Attorney? Call Our Houston Injury Lawyers:

The aftermath of a car accident can put you under a lot of stress. So, what you need are the services of Houston Injury Lawyers that can steer your case in the right direction and give you a comprehensive plan.

The experienced attorneys understand the legal proceedings for filing your claim. If you want to learn more and discuss your car accident in Texas, you can call us at (346-220-1821) or visit our website for more information.

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