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Do I Need An Attorney To Handle My Accident Case?

Many people who are involved in a Houston car accident often wonder if they actually need the assistance of a car accident attorney to handle their accident case. While you are not necessarily required to have an attorney, there are a number of benefits to having one represent you concerning your accident.

Your Car Accident Attorney Has Experience

As an initial matter, a car accident attorney has experience dealing with all aspects of a car accident case. A car accident attorney can help you:

  • File a negligence claim against the party who is responsible for causing the accident;
  • File an uninsured motorist claim with your own car insurance provider;
  • File an accident claim with your own car insurance provider;
  • Work with the insurance provider of the party that hit you;
  • Deal with the insurance claim adjuster and can manage the claim settlement negotiations on your behalf; and
  • By advocating on your behalf and working hard to get you the compensation that you deserve.

Your Car Accident Attorney Has Knowledge

Your car accident attorney knows the legal system inside and out. After discussing your accident with your attorney, your attorney will be able to determine:

  • The laws that are applicable in your case;
  • The best way to work with the insurance company to settle your accident claim;
  • The best way to handle a disputed insurance claim;
  • Your best options when it comes to filing a case in court;
  • The statute of limitations for filing your claim(s) in court; and
  • The proper court filing procedure for your case.

Deciding If An Accident Lawyer Is Right For You

Deciding whether you need an accident attorney or not is a decision that you need to make yourself. In an accident case, you are up against a lot of things that you may not be familiar with: deadlines, insurance company claim adjusters, lawyers representing other parties, court filing procedures, and so much more. Also, it is important to note that seeing an accident case through is a huge time commitment. Not only are you dealing with a learning curve, but the case could take a very long time to get resolved completely.

When the issues in the accident cases are simple, i.e., only minor injuries occurred and property damage was limited, and you have the time to dedicate to your case, you might feel like you are competent and comfortable enough to handle it on your own. However, if the accident was complicated, i.e., there were serious injuries or multiple cars were involved in the accident and thus multiple parties are involved in the case, then it might be better to let a professional accident attorney handle the case.

When in doubt, the best strategy might be to hire an experienced accident attorney to guide you through your car accident claim. Your accident attorney is in your corner, working to get you a fair and reasonable settlement or award from those who are liable to you for your accident.

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