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Exposure to Toxins and A Workers’ Comp Claim in Houston, TX

States including Houston, TX treat any harmful exposure to toxic in the workplace as a workers’ comp claim in Houston, TX. These injuries are usually caused by a one-time significant exposure or by prolonged exposure to toxins over a while.

If you were, or are, exposed to toxic substances at your workplace, then it is best to consult your physician and get yourself examined at first. Your doctor would determine any physical conditions resulting from potential toxin exposure. Once you are sure that you’ve been affected by toxic exposure, immediately report this to your employer, and then begin with filing a workers’ compensation claim.

What Types of Toxins Can Workers Be Exposed to?

Some toxins that might be present in any workplace include benzene, asbestos, arsenic, ammonia, chloroform, mercury, iodine, formaldehyde, zinc, lead, hydrogen peroxide, uranium, and more. Any of these toxic chemicals can lead to severe bodily harm to those exposed. Industry workers are more likely to suffer long-term exposure consequences from the toxins they inhale, resulting in permanent respiratory problems.

When any personnel comes into direct contact with toxic substances, they become the prey of toxic injuries. However, there are several laws and regulations to protect people from these poisonous substances. Nonetheless, various employers and facilities still disregard all the laws and regulations in place and promote unsafe conditions and dangerous work areas where workers are left with no other choice but to breathe in these toxic chemicals.

Special Rules for Toxin Exposure for a Worker’s Comp Claim in Houston, TX:

Suppose you are exposed to toxic chemicals and are concerned about the toxin injury or other related problems. In those circumstances, you might be eligible for suing for the damages rather than being forced to file a workers’ comp claim.

What Happens in the Case When the Employer Takes Precautions?

Even if the employer took all reasonable precautions, it would not eliminate the employees’ right to a worker’s compensation claim if they were exposed to toxic chemicals at work. Workers’ comp recovery is not limited to the fault. To get a workers’ compensation claim, the employees should have been exposed to the dangerous substance in the course of their employment, and the exposure must have caused an illness or other bodily harm. If that’s the case, then they are eligible for the compensation.

Get Medical and Legal Advice

Once you visit the doctor and get evaluated for your condition, the doctor will let you know about the seriousness of the situation and may refer you to a specialist trained in evaluating workplace toxin exposures.

The employers provide workers with the forms necessary to file a workers’ comp claim in Houston, TX. At times, the doctor can also fill out certain forms in order to report a workplace injury, which starts your process of a workers’ compensation claim.

Moreover, you, your doctor, as well as your employer should determine an effective plan for eliminating, if not possible, then just limiting, workplace exposure to the toxic chemicals to a greater extent.

Consulting a Workers’ Compensation Attorney:

Apart from this, workers can also consider talking to a workers’ compensation attorney. An attorney can establish the facts about your illness by collecting evidence and that it was caused in the workplace through a toxic chemical exposure. Your attorney might also solicit opinions from toxic chemical experts, need to arrange for sampling or testing at your work, or take other steps to bolster your claim. The sooner you contact an attorney and they are able to begin this process, the better it gets for your case.

Types of Benefits Available:

The certain benefits that a worker can get as part of your workers’ compensation claim vary from state to state and depend on each case’s severity. Some of the benefits may include:

  • Temporary Disability Benefits:

These benefits compensate for the loss of income during the period when you are receiving treatment and are unable to show up at work.

  • Permanent Disability Benefits:

It compensates for permanent bodily impairment due to toxic chemical exposure.

  • Reimbursement of Medical Treatment:

Covers for diagnostic studies, physician visits, medication, and equipment.

An attorney can help you measure what benefits you might be eligible for and advocate on your behalf to give you the most benefits that are possible.

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