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Houston Car Accidents Resulting From DUI

Although there’s never an excuse for driving drunk in the city of Houston, it’s something that people do every night of the week. And what’s even more alarming to think about is those people aren’t only endangering themselves. Instead, they’re putting all other drivers on the road in danger as well. The sad reality of drunk driving is it can result in people being seriously injured or even killed.


In the event of a serious injury, huge medical bills can pile up literally an overnight. A serious injury can also make it impossible for someone to work for an extended period of time. On top of that, anyone who has to spend all of their waking hours trying to get better may experience very serious emotional distress. Dealing with all those factors and trying to right the injustice of someone selfishly hurting another individual by driving drunk is why it’s possible to seek damages in the form of a personal injury claim.


How Houston Personal Injury Lawyers Help DUI Car Accident Victims


The previous paragraph outlined the bleak reality that is often faced by someone who was seriously hurt in a car accident. While that reality can be hard day in and day out, there’s no guarantee that fair compensation will be secured. One of the big challenges of this kind of claim is the fact it almost always involves insurance carriers.


What that means is instead of a victim having a sympathetic audience who wants to provide a resolution that is as fair as possible, insurance carriers are in the business of paying out as little as possible. They will literally fight to pay someone as little as they can. In fact, if someone attempts to pursue a personal injury claim on their own, there’s a chance they will end up walking away with nothing.


Since the odds are stacked in the favor of insurance companies, DUI car accident victims need someone who will fight just as hard on their behalf. That’s where a Houston personal injury lawyer comes into the picture. By enlisting the help this type of legal professional, victims can ensure they aren’t steamrolled by insurance companies.


Instead, being represented by a personal injury attorney in Houston means that a victim will get that professional’s extensive experience and knowledge of dealing with insurance companies.


Meeting with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Houston is Easy


Between dealing with tremendous amounts of physical pain and trying to figure out what to do about huge medical bills, the last thing people in this position want is to pay any more money to meet or work with an attorney. Personal injury attorneys in Houston are aware of that, which is why they don’t charge an upfront fee for what they do.


Any reputable Houston personal injury attorney will meet with a car accident victim for free. Then if the attorney feels that individual has a valid claim, they will take the person on as a client. Only after obtaining a settlement for the claim will a personal injury attorney take a percentage as their fee.

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