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Houston Personal injury Claims Involving a Car Seat

More than 127,000 children are seriously hurt in car accidents each year. There are a number of reasons why so many children are injured in these types of accidents. Car seats are a common link between accidents. Specifically, there are three major issues related to car seats. The first is that not enough parents use them. According to statistics from the CDC, at least 618,000 children who should be in a car seat ride in a vehicle without one. Although parents may think that’s OK to do when they’re in a rush, the unfortunate reality is car accidents in Houston or anywhere else in the U.S. can happen at any time. And if a child isn’t in a car seat when an accident happens, their likelihood of being seriously injured is much higher.


The second issue related to car seats is that parents often make mistakes with how they buckle a child into one. A recent study across 14 cities in Texas found that 25% of children who were in a car seat weren’t properly buckled. This led to the the Harlingen Police Department holding a free event where they provided guidance about the proper technique for buckling car seats.


Tips for Using a Car Seat Correctly


In terms of how to use a car seat correctly, the most important factor is choosing the right size and style for a child. A child’s age and size will determine whether they should be in a rear-facing car seat, forward-facing car seat or booster seat. Additionally, parents should put children in the middle of the back seat and avoid having them in front of an air bag. It’s also important to take the time to buckle the car seat correctly before every drive.


Car Seats Can Be Defective


Even when car seats are used correctly, there’s still the risk of a child getting injured. If a car seat is defective, it can result in even more serious injuries. Common car seat defects include low quality straps, flammable straps, faulty latches, weak frames, faulty strap adjusters or latches that are too difficult to undo. Since this type of issue is very serious, speaking with an attorney is the best way to properly assess it.


Contact a Houston Personal Injury Attorney for Expert Help


Dealing with the aftermath of a Houston car accident that involves a child in a car seat can be very scary. It’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed and to focus all of your attention on your child getting better. During this challenging time, the one other thing that’s definitely worth doing is to contact a Houston personal injury attorney. The medical bills associated with this type of accident can be quite expensive.


By enlisting the help of a personal injury attorney in Houston, they will be able to build a claim based on the other driver’s actions and/or the car seat manufacturer. Having professional legal representation in Houston will allow you to move towards securing the compensation you deserve while still being able to fully focus on your child’s recovery.

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