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Houston Workers’ Compensation: Falling from an Elevated Height

Work-related injuries are common in almost every state. Our Houston workers’ compensation lawyers can help you get benefits. Every worker deserves compensation for the injuries sustained due to their employer’s mismanagement. Sadly many companies mistreat their workers and even blame them for their accidents. Thus, every worker must be aware of their rights. If someone is injured in their workplace, then they deserve much more than money. They should get free medical treatment, compensation for wages, and mental peace. Falling from a height can cause multiple injuries to the head and body of a person. There is a high possibility that the individual might develop partial paralysis after a deadly fall.

Every day thousands of workers suffer from miserable falls and injuries. In 2011, there were 433 fatal injuries sustained by the labor force in Houston. Each year the number steadily rises instead of declining. Whether someone has a fertilizer factory or a construction site, it’s necessary to protect the workforce. An injury can be as minor as a cut and as brutal as full-body paralysis. No matter what reasons your boss gives for cutting your pay, as a worker, you have the complete authority to file a lawsuit against the company if they hold any penny while you are injured. This is where a Houston workers’ compensation comes in.

Do I Have to Prove Fault in a Houston Workers’ Compensation Case?

It’s not always easy to determine the person at fault. There are multiple factors to consider. The circumstances in which the fall took place, influence the entire case. Generally, workers don’t have to prove the employer was at fault to get workers’ comp. But employees can’t receive if the injury was caused by them breaking safety rules or if they were drunk.

Try to check if your company follows safety protocols or not. See how many similar accidents took place in the past. If more workers faced similar situations, then there is something wrong with the workplace. Most of the time, workers receive training on how to conduct themselves on work premises. If your company isn’t doing so, then your fall will be their fault.

How Falling from an Elevated Height Can Harm a Worker:

Falls from great heights are the top reason for factory worker deaths and paralysis. Individuals might fall from staircases or fall in construction holes resulting in serious issues. The following factors add to the problem:

  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Lack of protective clothing
  • Exposed wires at the workplace
  • Poorly maintained workspaces
  • Sharp tools and harmful objects
  • Lack of instructions on how to perform the duty
  • Lack of checking and incapable supervisors
  • Unrepaired scaffoldings
  • No warning signs on site
  • Absence of guard rails on tall buildings

Accidents are avoidable when people are more attentive to their work and surrounding. As a person who’s hiring hundreds of people daily, you must manage these workers effectively. You are responsible for their lives so, never ignore safety measures.

Other Types of Injuries Occurring at Workplaces:

Workers experience other injuries, including brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken ribs, fractures, abrasions, anxiety, and even burns. Some factory workers suffer third-degree burns or even paralysis due to these unwanted accidents caused at workplaces. Chemical factories often see such incidents where employees either accidentally spill something on themselves or others. Construction sites see numerous cases where workers die due to electric shocks or fall from tall height buildings. All of these injuries are avoidable only if companies consider safety protocols.

Getting Compensation With the Help of Our Lawyers:

Injuries mean expensive medical bills. Being a worker, it’s not easy to afford hospital and medicine bills. Therefore, if a worker is injured at their place of work, then he or she deserves to be paid. Even if someone is unable to come to work for weeks, their pay should not be deducted. However, employers see this as a chance to exploit their poor workers and threaten them by not paying or firing them from the job.

If you need help in a Houston workers’ compensation case, our lawyers are here to help you. Individuals who don’t want to take accountability for their involvement in the incident will do anything to avoid the blame. Our lawyers are well aware of these tactics and can easily handle such people. They won’t only fight for your compensation but will get you your lost wages and job security. Trust our people to handle your case. Contact our team today and discuss your case to get the best guidance possible.

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