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Is Houston Workers’ Compensation Available for Injuries Caused By Co-Workers?

When people think of accidents that happen at work, the first thing that often comes to mind is an injury caused by some kind of malfunction. Whether the malfunction occurs with a piece of equipment or something else, these kinds of scenarios are very common with employees getting injured and subsequent workers’ compensation claims. However, those types of incidents aren’t the only ones that can result in an employee getting injured.


A recent news story from Victoria, Texas demonstrated another example of how an employee can get injured while at work. On a Wednesday afternoon, one Burger King employee was injured by a knife during a fight with another worker. The argument began when one of the employees complained the soft drink machine wasn’t being cleaned quickly enough.


This disagreement escalated into a fight when the two employees began throwing things at each other. Although a witness at the scene said they didn’t believe the other employee meant to throw a knife, that employee fled the scene after the other employee was injured. In this specific instance, the injured employee was treated on the scene and refused to be transported to a hospital despite emergency medical technicians on scene recommending stitches for the wound.


Houston Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury Lawsuits


With a typical workers’ compensation claim, the way the process works is an employee seeks medical treatment for their injury. They also notify their employer as soon as possible. The injured employee’s injuries are documented, and then a work injury accident report is filed. The main role workers’ compensation is designed to fill is as a type of blanket coverage for accidents that occur during the course of work.


While almost all accidents that take place during work are covered by this program, there are a few exceptions. Injuries that happen during a lunch break, as a result of alterations between employees or from horseplay may not be covered by workers’ compensation. The best way to determine if an incident you were involved in will be covered is to speak with a Houston workers’ compensation attorney. And in the event a specific injury isn’t covered, an attorney can help you determine if a personal injury lawsuit is an option that can be pursued.


Moving Forward After An Accident


It’s also important to note that the state of Texas doesn’t require employers to carry workers’ compensation coverage. That’s yet another reason to speak with a Houston attorney if you get injured in an accident at work involving another employee. By seeking input from a legal professional, you won’t be left guessing about what steps you should take next. You can also ensure that no mistakes are made in regards to filing deadlines or other actions that could jeopardize the outcome of your claim.


If you’re concerned about the cost of meeting with an attorney, understand that most who specialize in this type of law in Houston offer free consultations. Additionally, their standard compensation structure doesn’t involve an upfront fee. Instead, they will only take their payment as a percentage if they successfully recover compensation for you.

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