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How Long Would a Car Accident in Texas Stay On Your Driving Record?

As the number of cars in Texas is increasing every day, and with it is increasing the dangers of being in a car accident in Texas. Driving is becoming more challenging with increased traffic congestion. Maintaining a clean driving record has been a massive challenge with the erratic movement of traffic and development works on the road.

Driving records are accessible to an individual online. Driving record is a central factor that almost all car insurance companies contemplate when determining the payment for your car insurance. On one hand, premiums are calculated based on everything from your ZIP code to your age and credit score. On the other hand, your driving history plays a significant part in your insurance coverage.

People who have faced accidents and violations on their records may have to pay more for the insurance than those with clean driving records. The drivers with clean driving records may also qualify for safe driving and accident-free discounts. However, the drivers with multiple violations and accidents could be classified as high-risk drivers and need to rely on non-standard insurance.

The best part is that an accident doesn’t distress your insurance rates forever. Usually, the insurance companies only look at the driving history of the last three to five years when calculating your premiums. If you have managed to drive accident-free for long enough, then your account of past incidents will not matter anymore.

Reasons Why Most Car Accidents in Texas Take Place:

People may get involved in car accidents for several reasons; however, some causes are more severe than others. Below given are the most common causes of car accidents in urban areas like Texas:

  • Speeding
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol
  • Failing to stay in one lane
  • Driver inattentiveness
  • Unsafe lane changes
  • Following too closely
  • Failure to yield when making a turn
  • Disregarding stop signs or stoplights

If you want to get information about how your accident can impact your insurance or other negative impacts, you may need to contact an experienced lawyer.

How Long Can a Car Accident Impact Your Driving Record?

Every licensed driver is issued an MVR, motor vehicle record, or motor vehicle report. This includes the complete history of your driving, like accidents, violations, speeding tickets, or other traffic tickets.

Nevertheless, these accidents and violations do not stay on the motor vehicle history forever. The time limit for how long they might appear on your record depends on the severity of your breach and the state you live in.

Every state has its policies and laws regarding how long different types of accidents and violations may remain on drivers’ records. Different states use a “points” system for tracking the breach, and racking up various points on your license can result in a suspension.

For instance, in California, the points for violations like speeding or making illegal turns stay on a driver’s record for three years and three months. And the more severe violations, such as DUI, stay on the driver’s record for 13 years. On the contrary, in Michigan, any points remain in the drivers’ record for two years.

However, states also maintain multiple versions of the driver’s history. For instance, in Ohio, you can request an unofficial driver record to see the last two years of your violations. You can also pay a $5 bill as a fee for what’s called a driver abstract, showing the past 3 years of the drivers’ moving violation convictions and accident reports.

New York has both a standard driving record, showcasing only your most recent violations, as well as and a “lifetime” driving record, containing all the information the state’s DMV partakes in about your driving. You are required to check your state’s DMV or equivalent department in order to learn about the specifics of driving records where you are residing.

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