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Pedestrian Accidents in Houston: Dealing With Them Properly

Accidents happen every day, not just on highways but also on sidewalks and roads. It is easy to understand why accidents happen on highways. Pedestrian accidents are different; in most cases, they happen because of the driver’s reckless behavior. Pedestrian accidents shouldn’t happen because they can be easily avoided by adhering to regulations and obeying laws. However, as the days go by, pedestrian accidents in Houston happen at an alarmingly frequent rate. Not just in Houston but everywhere around the world.

As the likelihood of being involved in such incidents rises, raising awareness of the laws, duties, and best practices for handling pedestrian accidents is important. Let’s discuss what a pedestrian accident is, drivers and pedestrians’ duties, and how hiring a Houston pedestrian accident attorney makes things easier.

What is a Pedestrian Accident?

Pedestrian accidents involve pedestrians being hit by a car or other large vehicle.

Accidents involving pedestrians can happen anywhere—on a sidewalk, in a parking lot, at a crosswalk, and more. Because these vehicles collide with pedestrians cycling or walking on the sidewalk or in crosswalks at high speeds, pedestrian accidents are dangerous.

Pedestrians typically have the right of way. Drivers’ negligence is a major contributing factor in these accidents. It’s crucial to remember that both the pedestrian and the driver must use caution around one another.

The Repercussions of Hitting a Pedestrian in Houston

Every pedestrian accident is different. For each situation, a variety of elements are involved. How the victim is reimbursed depends on several variables, including who was at fault, the severity of the injuries, the degree of vehicle damage, and more. Accidents involving recklessness or impairment may result in criminal consequences such as jail time, probation, restitution, a suspension of the driver’s license, or fines.

Most often, victims will consult and work with an experienced pedestrian accident attorney. The attorneys and legal staff will conduct thorough investigations and determine what constitutes fair compensation. The lawyers will also manage any settlement proposals made. The victims typically receive coverage for medical care, prescription medications, travel costs, therapy, lost wages, mental anguish, and other expenses. The victim’s family may be eligible for coverage for burial and funeral costs in fatal accidents.

When Does a Driver Become Liable for a Pedestrian Accident in Houston? 

Accidents involving pedestrians can be caused by a variety of reasons. Most of these incidents result from driver recklessness, including texting while driving, exceeding speed limits, driving recklessly close to crosswalks, disobeying traffic signals, driving under the influence of abusive substances, and more.

Distracted driving is the main cause of pedestrian accidents. The driver will be held liable if a pedestrian accident occurs while they are on call or texting. It will be deemed negligent if the driver is not paying attention and is acting carelessly while driving a motor vehicle. Therefore, it is advised that drivers avoid using their phones and other sources of distraction and instead focus on driving their vehicles carefully. The driver can endanger the lives of pedestrians by failing to apply the brakes at the right moment. Driving considerably beyond the speed limit puts everyone on the road and the driver in danger.

It is advised that while driving, drivers be alert and scan the traffic and other vehicles in their vicinity. Drivers who make turns without looking both ways or who fail to exercise caution when driving close to crosswalks frequently cause accidents. When driving, it’s important to be aware of nearby vehicles and pedestrians.

The repercussions will be severe if a pedestrian accident occurs due to drunk driving. There will be both civil and criminal penalties. Additionally, the driver may have their license suspended and face additional penalties including fines. Therefore, driving while under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal narcotics is strictly forbidden.

When Does a Pedestrian Become Liable for a Pedestrian Accident in Houston? 

In rare instances, pedestrians may also be at fault for pedestrian accidents, even though drivers are typically to blame for most of them. To prevent accidents, pedestrians must also adhere to several rules. Let’s examine a few situations where pedestrians might be to blame for the accident. Pedestrians disregard traffic laws and behave recklessly on the roads. To manage the traffic and prevent putting everyone’s lives in danger, traffic rules have been implemented.

Failing to obey traffic rules and traffic signals can result in collisions and accidents. We observe some people attempting to cross the street outside the designated crosswalk. Accidents may result from this as well. In some circumstances, drunk pedestrians cannot safely walk or cross the street. They recklessly dart onto the roadway or weave carelessly through traffic. Because of such reckless behavior, pedestrians can also be held responsible for accidents.

Even if the negligent pedestrian sustains an injury, they will still be held accountable for any damage to the car or the driver. The driver is within his rights to file a claim for compensation for his injuries, and he may be able to obtain insurance or coverage for things like medical expenses, property damage, lost wages in the present and the future, trauma and emotional pain, and more. Even if a pedestrian was to blame for the collision, the driver could still be held partially responsible. Both parties could be partially liable, depending on the case’s specifics.

Steps to Take Following a Pedestrian Accident in Houston

If you are met with an accident, the first thing to do is to get up and ensure you’re alright. Check if you have sustained any injuries which require immediate medical attention. Take pictures of the accident scene, try to talk to any witnesses, and alert a friend or member of your family.

Reach out to local law enforcement and notify them about the accident. Law enforcement will record the evidence in an accident report and determine who was at fault. It will also provide the names and contact details of all parties concerned, including any witnesses, in case you cannot get them.

Make a call for medical help and check yourself in. Internal bleeding or other serious traumas could cause you to lose control of your body for good. The medical evaluations and records will be useful in court. The next step is to contact a reputed Houston accident lawyer and discuss the next course of action with them.

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