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Can I File For Workers’ Compensation If I’m Only Part Time in Harris?

What If I Work Part-Time in Harris TX? Can I File For Workers Comp?

Often a part-time employee will wonder if they are able to receive worker’s compensation benefits, and if so, how much will it be different in comparison to a full-time employee, especially since full-time employee typically receive more benefits.

Part-Time Workers Can Be Eligible for Worker’s Compensation

In Texas, employers who opt to provide full-time workers with worker’s compensation insurance coverage, will also extend this coverage to part-time employees.

Someone who is a part-time worker, works less that a full-time work (for most employers, this means 35-40 hours in a single week).

Calculations For Benefit Amounts For Part-Time Workers

For injured part-time employees, calculating how much worker’s compensation benefits add up to, the same formula is similar to calculating benefits for an injured full-time worker.

The average weekly wage is calculated by taking the previous 13 consecutive weeks’ pay before the injury, adding each of these together, and then dividing that amount by 13.

When an employee has not held the same position during the 13 weeks leading up to the injury, or in a case where the worker’s average pay cannot be determined, the average weekly wage can be calculated by taking a look at similar cased workers average pay.

In certain cases, there may not be a comparable employee to calculate the weekly wage, if this is the case, then the average weekly wage can be determined by looking at an employee from another company with a similar situation.

Certain types of worker’s compensation benefits for injured part-time workers are calculated differently.

In the cases that an injured part-time worker needs benefits like impairment income benefits, lifetime income benefits, supplemental income benefits, and death benefits, they take the average weekly wage, calculate it based on the specific benefit, take the amount and adjust it to the weekly wage level of the worker, if the worker was working a full-time work week.

How Long Do I Have To Be Employed To Qualify For Workers’ Compensation in Harris?

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