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Workers’ Compensation Statute of Limitations in Sugarland

Workers Compensation Statute of Limitations Sugarland TX

After a worker has been injured, in Texas, he is required to file a worker’s compensation claim before it’s too late, or he may not be eligible for worker’s compensation benefits.

In the case that the injured worker does not file within a certain time limit, also referred to as a worker’s compensation claim statute of limitations, then the injured worker will no long have the ability to file a claim based on their work-related accident. This could be different depending on the state of residence.

In Texas, the statute of limitations for filing a worker’s comp claim is specified in Section 409.003 of the Texas Worker’s Compensation Act.

This particular section indicates that a worker must file a worker’s compensation claim before a year has passed since the work-related injury, or a year from the date that injured worker found out about a work-related illness.

This also applies to death benefits.

Tolling of the Statue of Limitations

If the injured employee’s manager has failed, neglected, or refused to file the report, then according to the Texas Worker’s Compensation Act Section 409.009, the statute of limitations are paused, or tolled, until the day that the requisite report is actually filed.

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