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Public Transportation Accidents in Texas: Who’s at Fault?

Life is unpredictable. You are often always uncertain about your activities; however, you cannot tell whether you will be able to survive the next second or not. Traveling in public transportation is also an unpredictable action for people; sometimes they meet accidents and they do not know who to blame for an accident in Texas.

There can be several reasons behind such accidents. Sometimes, the driver is drunk, sometimes heavy medication or sleep deprivation compels the driver to lose their concentration; and sometimes going the wrong way can disrupt the flow of the vehicle. You cannot predict when and how the accident might happen as there are numerous ways.

The Texas Department of Transportation provides a vivid record of how fatalities and minor accidents in public transportation can affect the overall economy and financial stability of individuals. There are different documents about how each year, the percentage of deaths caused by accidents has increased. Not only this, the number of cases where drivers have been caught driving recklessly increased with time.

It is important to understand how each situation can affect your reputation and your norms of normal life. As a passenger, if you ever get into such a situation, you should know some basic points to consider while claiming a case for the accident and you can also use those points to help others who unfortunately get into trouble of public transportation accidents.

Make Sure to Take Pictures of the Car Accident in Texas:

It may sound odd that you are in pain because you were injured due to an accident in Texas while traveling in public transportation. But it is very important that you should immediately ensure to take pictures of the spot where the accident occurred. Do not forget to ask others for pictures and videos as solid pieces of evidence if you are not fit enough to take them at the time.

This action can save you from many things like unnecessary nagging, bringing in false evidence, etc.; all of these things will be excluded if you provide the jury with solid evidence of photos and videos. Make sure to take pictures from every angle, the injury that you got, and people’s statements as well.

Get Contact Information From the Witnesses:

After the accident, or even at the spot, you can look for the people who were eyewitnesses to what happened at the time of the accident. This will automatically increase your credibility in the case. As a passenger, it is your right to claim for the loss and your injuries. Make sure that the witnesses are trustworthy and are not biased. Do not forget to take their contact numbers even after their statement record because the court might call them anytime for further investigation, they should be easily accessible.

What Points Are Considered While Deciding a Liable Person for a Public Transportation Accident?

When it comes to the person liable for the accident, the law allows the court to consider the following points:

  • If the driver was at fault, then the driver has to pay the penalty.
  • If the passengers come up with solid evidence, photos, and videos of the accident, then the court considers every aspect of the scenario. They opt for a deep investigation rather than just believing in the pictures and videos.
  • The court will also appreciate a strong statements’ record of the witnesses; the passengers should try to grab as much evidence as they can if they feel that the driver was at fault.
  • If the vehicle was damaged and was not eligible enough to be driven on the road with passengers, then the court might charge a heavy penalty on the driver.
  • If the driver was on high drug intake, medication, or alcohol consumption, then the court will certainly charge a heavy amount for that. Their driving license may get suspended or the court may reserve the driver’s license for a lifetime.
  • If the vehicle was overloaded, then the bus attendant and the driver, both are liable for a penalty because the court will then investigate passengers and their statements will be imperative for the final verdict.

A Personal Injury Attorney Will Help:

Undoubtedly, personal injury attorneys in such cases can work miraculously for you because they know how each situation can go in favor or against you. Hence, understanding the complications of the law, especially in the case of an accident in Texas is the quality of professional attorneys; reach out to us now if you need help.

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