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Pursuing Workers’ Compensation in Houston, TX

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance coverage. Employers are the ones who can carry this type of insurance. Although the state of Texas doesn’t require employers to have workers’ compensation coverage, the reason many still choose to do so is it gives them a way to provide benefits to any employees who are injured during the course of doing their job. While the benefits that this insurance coverage can provide are specifically designed to help employees, that doesn’t mean making it through the process is always easy. Plenty of employees who deserve these kind benefits run into roadblocks at some point during the process.


Whether you’re planning to file a workers’ compensation claim or you need help with one you’ve already filed, it’s generally in your best interest to have the assistance of a legal professional. Specifically, you want to work with a Houston workers’ compensation attorney. Opting for a worker’s compensation attorney in Houston instead of a general one will ensure that they have the knowledge necessary to build the strongest case possible for you.


Understanding the Benefits Provided by Workers’ Compensation


There are a variety of expenses that may be covered by workers’ compensation. Medical bills, lost wages, mental anguish, disfigurement and pain and suffering are all things that can fall under this coverage. That being said, the only way to accurately know what you may be eligible for in regards to your specific claim is to meet with an attorney who can review where you’re at.


As previously mentioned, Texas is not a state that requires employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance. But even if you get injured while working for an employer who doesn’t carry this kind of coverage, you should still speak with an attorney. The reason is there are other options for pursuing the type of compensation that’s owed to you based on the different factors covered in the previous paragraph.


The Basics of the Workers’ Compensation Process in Houston


If you get injured while doing your job, you want to let you employer know as soon as possible. For anyone who gets injured and will then be going through the workers’ compensation process, be aware that your employer can choose the doctor you go to for one of your examinations. After that examination, it’s up to you whether you stick with that doctor or switch to someone else.


In addition to getting your injuries looked at and documented by a medical professional, you will also want to make it a priority to get in touch with a Houston attorney. As with most legal matters, the sooner you can get an attorney involved in your case, the better.


Keep in mind that if you go through the process of filing a claim and it’s not approved, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the line for you. You have a right to dispute a denial by going through the appeals process. So even if you handled your initial claim on your own, it can still make sense to get in touch with a Houston workers’ compensation attorney who can help you during the appeals process.

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