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How to Scare an Insurance Adjuster

Many people admit during their free case review that the insurance adjuster dealing with their claim almost scared them into not talking to a Houston car crash attorney. This is a common tactic many adjusters use in order to take advantage of vulnerable car accident victims.

But did you know that you can also scare an adjuster? These are the things they don’t want to hear from claimants.

I Know My Rights

Saying it is easy, but you need to prove to the insurance adjuster that you mean it. You can mention that you are aware of the comparative negligence principle applicable to car accidents in Texas. Thus, you are aware that, as long as you are 50% or less at fault for the accident, you have the legal right to seek damages.

Also, you can tell the adjuster that you are aware of the statute of limitations – 2 years after the date of the accident – for filing a lawsuit. This will let the insurance company know that they won’t be able to delay making a decision.

I Will Not Sign Any Document

An insurance adjuster will often try to close a case for a lowball settlement. They will bring the paperwork with them to the meeting.

Signing this document will leave you with no other legal option for recovering the actual amount of your damages. It contains a waiver in fine print, stating that you give up the right to pursue the case in court.

You should also refuse to sign any other paper before a lawyer gets to see it. It may be a blank medical release form, giving the insurance adjuster access to your entire medical history.

I Have Evidence Supporting My Case

One of the things that scare an insurance adjuster is being told that you documented the accident scene by taking photos and videos. If you also have eyewitnesses to back up your story, then they will not be able to twist the narrative in their favor.

The photos speak louder than words, and they can prove their client’s liability for the accident. When necessary, your Houston car crash attorney can also hire accident reconstruction experts to create a 3D simulation of the accident.

This is possible if you can offer the lawyer detailed photos and videos of the vehicles and any relevant items at the crash scene.

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I Will File a Claim after Evaluating my Damages

When your case appears airtight, an insurance adjuster will try to hurry you to file the claim and send the demand letter. They hope that you are not yet aware of the full extent of your damages. Thus, the insurance company can close your claim for a relatively low amount.

This is where you need to tell the insurer that, since you are still not fully recovered, you are not ready to file your claim.

Since it is your only chance of recovering damages, you want to wait until you finished your treatments and can calculate:

  • All hospital bills
  • Costs of treatments, surgery, and prescriptions
  • Lost wages
  • Physical therapy
  • Pain and suffering.

I Will Not Give a Recorded Statement

An insurance adjuster will generally ask you to give a recorded statement about the crash while you are still in the hospital. They know that you are still confused and in pain, and they want to take advantage of this. Their questions are often misleading – making you admit fault or contradict yourself.

Thus, simply say that you are still recovering from your injuries and are in no position to give a statement. Defer this to a later date, when you feel better and can focus on the questions asked to give correct and complete answers.

I Have a Houston Car Crash Attorney

What really scares an insurance adjuster is the idea of dealing with a lawyer. Adjusters know that they won’t be able to use any tricks to devalue or deny your claim. They also know that a lawyer will not allow them to delay the decision until the statute of limitations is about to expire.

Also, insurance companies know that people who hire a Houston car crash attorney are not afraid to escalate their case and actually file a lawsuit if necessary. This is why people with lawyers usually get 3.5 times more money in settlements than accident victims negotiating on their own.

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