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Texas Workers’ Compensation: Does it Cover Off-Site Injuries

Workers’ compensation in Texas provides benefits to employees who suffer injuries while performing their employment duties. Most Texas workers’ compensation claims are related to accidents that occur when employees were at the workplace.

In certain cases, complaints relate to injuries that occurred outside the workplace, such as when employees were on business trips or during deliveries. Employees may not be fully aware of the legal rationale associated with such complex cases.

If you believe you were working at the time the injury occurred, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Let our Texas workers’ compensation attorneys explain these types of situations and the factors that determine why you are eligible for benefits. Call us today to set up a free consultation so we can better understand your situation.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Texas had 488 fatal workplace accidents in 2018. There were 5,250 fatal workplace accidents nationwide in 2018 for a total of 9.29% of all deaths. A Texas worker was killed every 16 hours in 2016 and 2017.

Eligibility of Workers for Texas Workers’ Compensation:

The following points should be kept in mind when determining eligibility:

  • The workers’ Compensation program is a no-fault system.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance is a legal requirement for companies with one or more employees.
  • When it comes to Texas workers’ compensation, Texas gives a more broad meaning to the term employee.

What Are Its Implications for Accidents That Occur Off-Site?

It is simple to determine whether you are eligible for benefits if you are an employee of a business that is required to provide coverage and you were injured while working for the company. The injury might have occurred off-site, however, you still may be eligible for benefits.

Examples of Off-Site Work Activities:

Here are some examples of situations that may be covered by a lawyer. However, each situation is unique and needs to be discussed with a qualified attorney.

  • Making a Delivery:

A delivery driver who is injured in a car accident while delivering goods may benefit from the accident.

  • Work from Home:

If you work from home on duty, you may be covered for any injuries you sustain while working.

  • Injuries Which Occur While On a Business Trip:

If you go on a business trip to meet a client and you become injured while out of town, your insurance may cover you.

  • Running an Errand for your Boss:

If you are going to the bank to deposit corporate cash or buying office supplies for your boss, you are probably doing some business or working.

  • Lunch Break:

During lunchtime in the canteen, you are technically away from your office or workstation, but you are still technically in the workplace, so any accidents that occur during this time are likely to be covered.

You cannot recover compensation when you are injured while traveling in a company car. For example, you cannot recover compensation if you are injured while riding the bus to work or participating in other activities that are not directly attributable to your job.

How About Recreational Activities?

Employees may be covered if they are injured at a picnic or party sponsored by their employer. For example, employees may be covered if they are hurt at a picnic sponsored by their employer.

According to Texas workers’ compensation law, if the employee was not required to participate in the event, an injury that takes place during a recreational activity is not covered if it occurred after hours and was sponsored by the employer. If the event was part of your job duties and took place during your working hours, you may be covered in the event of an accident.

What to Do After an Off-Site Work Injury?

A case-by-case assessment of your eligibility for benefits should be conducted, particularly in cases of injury that occurs away from the workplace.

Getting ahold of imminent medical care is an important first step, even if you are not certain of your suitability, since it helps link your injury to your job, which is one of the main things your lawyer has to prove in order to validate your claim. The possibility of further damage can be minimized with prompt medical treatment.

Therefore, if you are eligible, you should inform your employer immediately, so that if there is a connection between the company with which you worked and your employment, it will be harder to prove.

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