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Understanding Houston Car Accidents That Involve a Big Rig

As reported by ABC13, a car accident at the beginning of 2016 which involved a big rig claimed the lives of two people in north Houston. The accident, which took place around 8PM, occurred on the northbound lanes of Interstate 45 at Crosstimbers. In addition to the two passengers who were killed, one other person was taken to a Houston hospital.


Of all the cities in the state of Texas, Houston has one of the highest frequencies of car accidents. Each year, over 60,000 crashes occur throughout the city. To put that number in perspective, the total amount of crashes in Texas is around 370,000 each year.


Big Rig Accidents Can Cause Serious Damage, Injuries and Even Death


Any car crash that occurs in Houston has the potential to be very serious. When drivers are traveling at high speeds down the highway, it only takes a moment for something to go wrong and a very serious crash to occur. What makes accidents involving big rigs even more likely to be very serious in nature is how the size of this kind of vehicle compares to another normal vehicle on the road. Even if it’s a passenger truck or SUV, that type of vehicle will still be dwarfed by the size of a big rig. That’s why big rig accidents that occur at any speed have the potential to cause serious damage, injuries or even death.


If you are seriously injured in this type of car accident, it can literally turn your world upside down. With the injuries caused by serious car accidents, victims have to face the combination of extended recovery times and large medical bills to get the treatment they need. Add to that potential factors like being unable to work for an extended period of time or chronic pain, and it can feel like being trapped in a tunnel.


And for anyone who loses a loved one in a Houston car accident involving a big rig, the feelings of grief and shock can be overwhelming. Although it may be nearly impossible to think about financial matters while coming to terms with losing a loved one, this type of truly sad event can leave dependents without any financial support.


Contact a Houston Car Accident Attorney for Caring Guidance


Dealing with the aftermath of your own car accident or the fatal accident of a loved one isn’t something you should have to do on your own. Instead, you can turn to a car accident attorney in Houston for guidance. By getting in touch with this kind of attorney, you’ll be able to focus on your recovery or grief while the professional representing you ensures that all decisions are made in your best interest.


One thing to keep in mind about Houston car accidents is there’s a limited window of time in which legal action can be started. So if you or a loved one have been impacted by a big rig accident, you’ll benefit from contacting a Houston car accident attorney as soon as possible.

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